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Welcome to the official Website of Exeshop Company
Does Your Company have a need for better advertising, better sales and better productivity online? Do you need help for developing more effective marketing solutions?

Exeshop can do that for you! In simple words: we can make for you more sales and in return we just ask for percentage of that sales. No more, no less!

With a focus on the US, UK, DE and AU marketplace, Exeshop improved online profit for more than five hundred companies since 2004! The reasons for our success are high quality marketing services along with constant sources of new ideas, tricks and tips.

 2006.  Old Company is re-branded under new name: Exeshop d.o.o.
  2007.   Exeshop signed 14 contracts for PPC brand advertising in EU
Exeshop have 153 new partnerships in USA
  2008. - 2011.   Exeshop started advertising in AU marketplace
197 new partnerships in USA market